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Sherlock Abominable Bride

ROCKS!! Brilliant, wierd, but brilliant.





Anyone have the faintest notion why lj is suddenly not working in IE? I only have IE on my home machine, which currently means I can only see lj at work. DAMN IT!!


Sherlock Ep 3

HOLY Feck!!!



Oh, the nostalgia *g*, they don't have the satelite tv hooked up in the new office at work, and we've been watching Quantum Leap and MacGuyver on Netflix the last week or so. God, I love those shows, haven't seen them in YEARS!! And popping candy chocolate too, I loved Space Dust when I was a kid.

Three weeks in hell

Well that was three plus weeks that I hope NEVER to repeat again;
On the 17th of June, I was taken up to A&E by ambulance and treated for dehydration after basically keeling over in the street. They screwed up the blood test, and when they couldn't get any more blood (which should have possibly given them a hint that something was not right), they sent me home when the Saline IV ran through, despite the face I still felt horrific, could barely walk five steps without feeling breathless and nearly passing out, not that they asked.

Wednesday the 19th of June, I went to keep the doctor's appointment I had made due to the above mentioned crappy feeliing...off to hospital in an ambulance again, this time bypassing A&E. Doctor who admitted me was rather horrified that I had been sent home on the Monday, because an unscrewed blood test showed a haemoglobin count of 4, low white cell count and low platelets (damn those vampires), cue blood transfusion of four units of blood (although I finally know what my blood group is after all these years).
Doctor refused to let me go home until my blood tests improved, due to risk of infection or bleeding, annoying but fair enough I suppose, only THEN, they managed to give me some rare type of pneumonia, so that's nearly a week in ICU then. Finally let out of ICU last Thursday, back to the ward, where I had to share a bay with mad coffin dodgers who spend most of the night either snoring like a freight train, (Bed 1) or yelling for her son, and swearing like a sailor when no one answered her (Bed 2). I spent most of the night sitting in the TV lounge, waiting for them to be asleep so that I could go to bed myself without smothering them with a bloody pillow. FINALLY released today, not that I'm completely free, because they still haven't pinned down how I managed to run out of blood in the first place, sigh.

I have never been in hospital before, and frankly, I think this last three weeks was enough to last a lifetime,



Microsoft Outlook mail server needs taking out and shooting; put it out of our misery, someone, please....



Wow, just....wow. The Impossible is awesome, the best film I have seen in some time.

If you haven't already been to see it, GO.


Adopted Dragon


Pets pretty dragon. Please click and visit, this little lady loves company :)