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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas - 2012-12-24 17.00.46

Merry Christmas - Just about


Christmas Trees, Rome



Well, arrived in Rome, which was an adventure, hike from the plane for a good mile, to a train, to be transferred to another building, to hike another mile before arriving in the baggage claim hall, and having to hike ANOTHER half mile to find the belt our luggage was supposed to come in on, and then a very nerve wracking wait where I was beginning to fear my luggage had gone somewhere else on holiday without my permission.

It's raining, which is odd, it was raining the day I arrived last time too, and the day I left, but not so much in between, so hoping for the same this time, lol.

A little bit dubious about the hotel, it's like a rabbit warren, I can see me getting lost looking for my room, the room safe isn't working, which means that valuables are going to have to be carried, or left at risk, which would invalidate my insurance if they went missing, think I will have to try tackling reception about that one...

Ah well, first proper day tomorrow, too knackered to go anywhere now, even though I was determined I wasn't going to waste my first day again this time.



I can honestly say I'm surprised, I LOVE the new version of Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds. I've spent most of tonight listening to it, and the original, in all honesty, with the exception of Forever Autumn, I think I actually like the new one better.



So, I am pretty damn pleased with life in general at the moment, I has a shiny new toy in the shape of a kindle fire HD, which is shiny, and fun, and costing me sleep with the game playing, lol.

I have finished, wrapped and gotten rid of all of my Christmas shopping for the various people who get presents (and had a private giggle over the looks on their faces when they were given them in the first week of November), also written and appropriately money'd/vouchered, and dispatched all of my Christmas cards.

AND in 27 days (and counting, beleive me, counting) I'm off back to Rome again SQUEEEE!!!, before popping to Southampton to see my goddaughter, and of course my sister, her hubby and the rest of the hoarde.

Fingers, toes, eyes, and everything else crossed that things stay this good at least until after I get back from my holiday



I am quite impressed, if a little boggled, I just picked up a return train journey from Gatwick airport to Southampton for £6.60, that is....I don't even have the words. Even National Express coaches, who I used coming back from Rome, were £16.60 ONE WAY!!!!




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